Empathy Mapping

In the project “Emerging Media: Social Smart Cities” we are exploring how smart technologies might solve complex city-related problems. In this project we work together with 1 client & 1 business partner. Our client is EMI: Centre of Expertise Social Innovation. Our partner: Hoppinger. The focus of this project was ‘Smart City Urban Health’. We […]

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Thesis Proposal 2.0

In the first 2 weeks of February we had our first run of the new and improved Thesis Proposal course. Instead of developing a regular course, we chose the pressure cooker format. In 2 intense weeks (each student was expected to spend at least 32 hours per week on this course) students would transform their graduation proposal […]

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History of Media

Together with Jasper Schelling, I have designed the course History of Media for the first year students of Communication, Multimedia Design of the University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam. In this module students learn the basic concepts of digital media, they discover that media have several historical layers of meaning, and they understand how media and society influence […]

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Beyond Gamification: Designing Behaviour Change Games

On Friday 27 April I attended Dustin DiTommaso’s (Mad*Pow) `Beyond Gamification: Designing Behaviour Change Games’ workshop at Namahn. In this workshop we explored how game design principles could be used in the field of interaction design (and the development of behaviour change products/services in particular). And how gameful designs might even help improve environment ecology, […]

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Perspectives on Games

This compilation video is the result of the Student surveys done at AUC for the course ‘Perspectives on Games’. The surveys analyzed different game cultures, studying their similarities and differences between gamers. In my ‘Perspectives on Games’ course we examined the ways in which games have altered aspects of how we analyse, conceptualize, and define […]

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Cybernetics: the comic (part 3)

This episode of the Cybernetics Comic discusses how cybernetics changed focus over the years. Norbert Wiener acknowledges a shift from simple linear feedback systems of the first wave cybernetics to more complex feedback systems of the second wave cybernetics. Wiener wrote this Preface to Cybernetics around – what now can be considered – the birth […]

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Cybernetics: the comic (part 2)

The second edition of my new Cybernetics comic strip. Norbert Wiener describes the impact of his works (“Cybernetics: or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine” and “The Human Use of Human Beings”) for the scientific community. He identifies ‘feedback’, ‘information’ and ‘automata’ as notions that have lost their novelty. According to Wiener, […]

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