Thesis Proposal 2.0

In the first 2 weeks of February we had our first run of the new and improved Thesis Proposal course. Instead of developing a regular course, we chose the pressure cooker format. In 2 intense weeks (each student was expected to spend at least 32 hours per week on this course) students would transform their graduation proposal into a concrete and executable plan. Our focus was not on finding the ‘right’ design problem, but on framing the initial design challenge. This framing would enable the students to eliminate bias and have a critical & evaluative perspective on human-centered design opportunities.

To align our teaching to the needs of the students, we asked our students to take a picture of their mood each day. This Mood Photo Booth project was useful to us, because it gave us insights in the students’ attitude towards the course and how their experienced the whole process. Us teachers would adjust our way of teaching accordingly. So when the students were confused of what was expected of them (day 2), we would spend additional time on how they would be grated and how best to approach the assignment. We could literally see if these procedures had effect by looking at the students Mood Photos at the end of each class. For us, as for the students as well, this was an amusing and insightful undertaking. We intend to continue tracing their moods in the rest of their Graduation Process.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 18.30.54


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