IMG_0679Inge Ploum is a Dutch creator and researcher of digital media. Her work explores how media impact societies and shape world views. Her focus is on the ‘how’; how the media themselves ‘speak’ as cultural objects, how to think critically about media, and how imagined futures are constructed through mediated interactions. Inge has worked for the Amsterdam University College , the University of Amsterdam, and is currently working as lecturer/researcher at the University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam. Inge graduated ‘cum laude’ at the University of Amsterdam.


Ploum, Inge. ‘ICOZ: An Open-ended Approach to Video,’ in Real Projects for Real People Vol 2 (A. Nigten eds.), The Patching Zone, 2012: 65-72. Download PDF / Flash Version

Ploum, Inge. ‘Media Theory on the Move: Transatlantic Perspectives on Media and Mediation’. Institute of Network Cultures, 2009.  http://networkcultures.org/blog/2009/05/28/transatlantic/



HOT100 2008

Winner National (Technical) Competition: De Jonge Onderzoeker






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