Cybernetics: the comic

This is the first episode of my new comic ‘Cybernetics’. The comic will serve as a introduction to Norbert Wiener’s ‘Cybernetics: or control and communication in the animal and the machine’ (1948). The comic is based on the original writings of Norbert Wiener in his second publication of Cybernetics (1961), and was made with bitstrips. […]

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Cybernetic Future Visions

This compilation video is the result of the Video Workshop that was part of the course Multimedia at AUC.  In the Multimedia course we focused on the  genealogy of multimedia using cybernetics. By tracing several historical lineages, we created an understanding of multimedia as complex phenomena. For the Video Workshop, students were given the assignment to […]

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Multimedia & Perspectives on Games

I’m currently teaching 2 courses at the Amsterdam University College: ‘Multimedia’ & ‘Perspective on Games’. It’s great to teach both courses (which I have developed together with my colleage Marc Tuters). Closely working together with the students and getting them engaged, remains an exciting and inspiring challenge. In the Multimedia course  we construct a genealogy […]

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Open-Ended Approach to Video

There it is, the book about the Digital Art Lab project called ‘Real Project for Real People Volume 2’. The book not only has contributions of The Patching Zone’s team and others involved, but also contributions of guest authors. It gives general and specific information about the DAL project, and provides valuable information about innovation […]

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Portfolio Development

A short collection of the interactive media development projects I’ve been involved in. Although I’ve been involved in more media projects than are displayed in this video, the goal of these projects were to built ready-to-use products. Media products that could easily be integrated into the client’s working environment.  

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Official Product Machine Promo

It’s official: the Product Machine Game is practically finished. Despite the fact that our server sometimes fails to perform (upload speed is really slow, so it takes forever to test stuff), the end is in sight. We’re tying loose ends and wrapping up. This official Product Machine Promo gives you a sneak preview of the […]

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