Open-Ended Approach to Video

There it is, the book about the Digital Art Lab project called ‘Real Project for Real People Volume 2’. The book not only has contributions of The Patching Zone’s team and others involved, but also contributions of guest authors. It gives general and specific information about the DAL project, and provides valuable information about innovation in the cultural sector.

My contribution is called ‘Open-Ended Approach to Video’. It explores how the ICOZ workshop ‘Parts of Me’ can be understood as an open-ended approach to video. The ICOZ workshop was developed in collaboration with ‘Time Out Zoetermeer’: an organisation which arranges activities for adolecents who temporarily dropped out of school. The goal of the ICOZ workshop was to make a 1 Minute personal video about why they dropped out of school. At the end of the 3workshop sessions (each session took 3 hours), each participant would have made a storyboard, filmed and edited his/her personal story into a coherent short film.

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