The Integral Tram Workshop: Presentations

At last, the day of the presentations of the Integral Tram workshop. Last tuesday evening the student groups had the chance to present their work to the project initiators Rob van Vliet (Regiotram) & Jan van der Bospoort (Ruimtelijke Ordening en Economische Zaken). Each team had two weeks to incorporate the feedback from the last workshop session and to refine their concepts. Most groups, however, made minor adjustments to their concept and presentation. More often than not did they cut down on the amount of speakers. Instead of letting every team member present his/her part of the concept, 1 or 2 ‘representatives’ of the group were called forth. They would speak for the group and showcase a coherent concept.

Although some students let their nerves get the best of them, most kept their eyes on the target: persuading the project initiators of the greatness of their plan. This approach seemed to work, because the project initiators were pleasantly surprised with the outcomes of the workshop. They were impressed with the imaginative power of the students and saw a resemblance with how they used to approach the tram (that is, before their negotiations with other parties concerned).

All in all, this first interdisciplinary Winter Workshop was successful. Everyone involved enjoyed themselves and produced respectable results. The best ideas will be fused and mashed, and will be presented at the International Architecture Biënnale Rotterdam (e.g., the Smart Cities exhibition) in April 2012.  One point of improvement is that the collaboration between the Academy and Minerva could be more intense. This was chiefly due to scheduling difficulties. A more intense collaboration would better the interdisciplinary cooperation.


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