Asimov’s Robot Chronicles

After reading several books of Isaac Asimov (for those unfamiliar with his work, Asimov is a scientist and science fiction writer who coined the term robotics), I felt the urge to ‘do something’ with his work. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with his stories, I only knew that his stories needed to be told once more… and this time through my voice and eyes. Because I like Asimov’s work for its wit and its well-defined silhouette of robots, I needed to find a medium that would suit his work best. The outcome: COMIC STRIPS. Comic strips are not only the visual representation of humorous narrative sequences, but also have a distinctive pictorial simplicity. This combination would allow me to capture what – in my opinion – lies at the heart of Asimov’s work.

I decided to start my visual Babelfish project with the representation of Asimov’s story ‘The Robot Chronicles’. This story is an introductory essay in his book ‘<a href=”; onclick=”;return false;”>Robot Visions</a>’ (1990). It describes what robots are, how they look/feel and which laws they obey.
Unfortunately, turning Asimov’s story into a comic takes a lot longer than expected. So it will be posted in parts (I hope that this won’t stop you from reading the upcoming sequences). There is only one thing left for me to say: have fun and beware of cyborgs!

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