Long Live Datamoshed Flesh

The pictures below consist of stills of Nicolas Provost’s latest film ‘Long Live the New Flesh’ (2009). The film is a kind of datamosh in which fragments of horror films are digitally folded. Datamoshing is the unique mashing of frames by removing keyframes (i.e., iframes). When keyframes are removed, only the modifications of the missing frames prevail. The technique creates what Thomas Levin has described as the ‘haunting of one image by another image’. ‘Long Live the New Flesh’ turns the spectre of pixel manipulation into a spectacle. The visibility of the disruption of images excites the revision of our perspective on the digital. When watching Provost’s film we are no longer watching snippets of horror films, rather we are plugged-in the production of images. To be precise, when watching Provost’s film the digital compression technique is visible, making the digital codes ‘behind’ the image decipherable.


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