Haunch of Provost

‘My field of interest is to question the phenomenon of cinema. My work is a reflection on the grammar of cinema and the relation between visual art and the cinematic experience. Foremost, I try to grasp our collective filmmemory and make poetry.’ (Nicolas Provost)

The current exhibition of the Haunch of Venison Berlin is dedicated to the works of the Belgium video artist Nicolas Provost. Provost, currently living and working in Brussels (Belgium), explores and atomizes the medium film. His works criticize the concept of the language of cinema (i.e., the idea that cinema – being a system of visuals – is singular and should follow a sequential set of rules) by folding cinematic relations (e.g., medium-audience, fiction-reality, space-time and so on) onto one another. Time, frame and form are gently mixed, creating spellbinding visual experiences.

Storyteller (2010)

Stills from Storyteller.  A computeresque world emerges in the mirrored tracking shots of a skyline.

Suspension (2007)

Stills from Suspension. The Freudian clouds disperse the screen.

Gravity (2007)

Stills from Gravity.  A pulsed coalescence of Hollywood kisses.


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