(Dis)embodying the mind: Mattel’s Mind Flex

Psychokinesis, also known as telekinesis, literally means the movement of the mind. Mattel’s Mind Flex plays with this concept.

Although I haven’t experienced this device, I think it’s a perfect example of our contemporary thought.  We seem to stress, and most of the time romanticize,  the gap between the “supernatural” mind and the material body. Mattel’s Mind Flex, for instance, accentuates the “power” of the mind over the body. We, as consumers and/or critics, should be or become aware of the fact that the mind isn’t superior to the body. Furthermore the body isn’t superior to the mind. Both are in a constant state of becoming. We shoud be cognizant of how this device, and similar devices, symbolize and incorporate Descartes’s metaphysical dualism.


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