Re-ACT Interactive Light Art

Interactivity and light, these are the two ingredients for the Re-ACT exposition at the Centrum Kunstlicht in de Kunst in Eindhoven. The exposition is the result of the bi-annual Frits Philips Light Art contest. Of the 86 artists participating, 8 works were selected. Stefan Gross and Stella Boess were declared the winners of the contest with their Love Hate Punch.



Love Hate Punch @ Re-ACT



Re-ACT contains works of:

Blendid (art collective of David Kousemaker and Tim Olden),



Swarm @ Re-ACT Eindhoven 



Carmin Karasic & Rolf van Gelder;



Human^n @ Re-ACT Eindhoven


Margarete Broers,


Touched by Color

Touched by Color @ Re-ACT Eindhoven



The works of Rik van Schendel, Matthijs Muller, Ernesto Klar, and Paul Baartmans are also exposed.


For those unfamiliar with interactive art, Re-ACT might be the exposition to make you appreciate and maybe even love ‘new’ art. It seeks to blur the boundaries between the artificial-nature, viewer-artist-artwork, and art-world in playful and surprising ways. Consider your own human body, for example, as the source of interactivity and experience. On this and similar issues these artworks reflect. They mirror how we construct our reality and how we could imagine and even create an altered world by experiencing art.  


For more information: Re-ACT (exposition until 25 January).


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