Dead laptop

HelpYesterday, I became one of the many victims of AVG false positive ‘PSW Banker 4’. AVG marks the Window’s system file ‘user32.dll’ as a Trojan horse & asks the user to clean/remove the file. I, as ‘scripted’ user, did what AVG told me and removed the file. However, after this cleaning my laptop went dead & couldn’t start anymore.

Luckily, I wasn’t the first user who followed AVG’s protocol. Other users had the same problem and developed a fix: reboot the pc or laptop with the Windows XP CD, hit in the upcoming menu the ‘R’ on your keyboard, hit enter, answer the password question, hit enter again and you’ll get command prompt c:\windows>. Type the following behind this prompt: copy c:\windows\$NTuninstallKB925902$\user32.dll c:\windows\system32, and hit enter. Now your PC/laptop should function as normal. I haven’t tried the fix yet, so I’m not sure if it works. But it’s worth to try, because there nothing more depressing than having a dead corpse in your bedroom.


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