No Adjustments on my Dutch ‘Locative Media’ Wiki

I promised to keep you updated on my Wiki, but there haven’t been any changes (in terms of content). But I did ask Maniago why Wikipedians should only link to Dutch Wikipedia links in their Wiki-article.

Maniago writes: “In Wikipedia one is supposed to link to articles inside that specific Wikipedia. This is a) because of possible language-barriers, b) because one has to adjust all the internal links in that article when someone writes a new Dutch Wiki-article on the linked topics. The only internal links to foreign Wiki’s (inside a Dutch Wiki) are the ‘interwiki’s’.”

Ok, that makes sense. But I still don’t know what ‘interwiki’s’ are! Probably this is probably because I’m a Wiki-newb; thank “God” I have Maniago to help me out with the opaqueness of Wikipedia’s writing protocols.


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