Reassembling Social Networks in “Press”

For those who have read my previous article ‘Reassembling Social Networks’: an excerpt of my article was posted on the Scoutle-website (under the category ‘press’ & on the homepage).




I also had contact with Godfried van Loo, the founding father of Scoutle. He wrote: “I’m flatered that you wrote this article. But I’m not sure that Scoutle is going to change our contemporary society, because when Scoutle ceases to exist another similar/better application will probably be invented.”

Even though Godfried van Loo justly acknowledges what Scoutle’s role in the world wide web will probably be, he doesn’t seem to truly understand what I meant to say in that article. I wasn’t stating that Scoutle alone will change the world, but merely that when automated social networking is integrated in our daily online lives, we will probably have to recontextualize our understanding of social reality. Because Scoutle is one of the forerunners in the field of automated social networking, we will have to wait and see what’s going to happen. Only time will tell if automating our social relationships is going to be just a fad or a true craze.


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