My first Wiki: day 3

Today is the 3rd day that my Wiki is online. So I would like to update you on the process/progress so far.

First I’d like to mention the speed in which people adjust your Wiki. Only 1 hour after I posted the page, some adjustments were made by Maniago & Thijs/bot. The following adjustments were made: structure of the article (the biography moved to the end of the article), the name of ‘related links’ tranformed into ‘external links’, and some links were deleted.



I also recieved a message where Maniago explaines why he/she deleted some of the links that I’ve inserted in the page.



Because the message is in Dutch, I will translate it for you. Maniago writes:

“I adjusted your Locative media article a little bit, and I request you to link to Dutch Wiki’s and not to foreign Wiki’s. It doesn’t matter if the subject doesn’t exist. In Wikipedia you can link by using square brackets around the word that supposed to be linked.”

When I read this kind request, I was striked about the little amount of freedom one has while writing a Wiki-page. I thought Wikipedia supposed to enhance ‘knowledge sharing’ instead of regulating it by limiting the link-possibilities. If Wiki NL only wants links to Dutch Wiki’s (and not to foreign Wiki’s or other webpages) in the article, than it not only challenges the principles of Wikipedia itself (Wikipedia as a ‘free’ & ‘collaborative’ encyclopedia) but also decreases the quality of the information given on Wikipedia. By scripting/pre-determining the information given on a Wiki-page, the fineness and excellence of the information is corroded. Spreading knowledge merely becomes an act with fixed boundaries, where information is bureacratical and controlled.

Even though I wasn’t really surprised that Wikipedia controls its content (I know regulation is needed to create reliable and semi-trustworthy content), but I didn’t know that was also the case in terms of links. Maybe Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia) should reformulate Wikipedia slogan from ‘The biggest multilingual free-content encyclopedia on the Internet’ to ‘the biggest multilingual content-regulated encyclopedia on the Internet’.


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