Reincarnation through Paint

As some of you probably know, dying isn’t as cheap as it used to be. According to the Consumentbond a funeral costs around 5.000-6.000 euro and these costs will probably increase in the upcoming years due to the shortage of land.

Because of the high funeral expenses, most people will have to cremate their loved ones (cremation costs are much lower). When we think about a cremation, we think of an urn with the deceased ashes. With the ashes you could do two things: let them rest inside the urn in your home or scatter them. But nowadays we have another option, we can reincarnate into a painting. ‘Ashes to Portraits’ ( is an organisation which makes portraits out of ashes. According to them, when we die we have to “do something completely different and uniquely special”. So why not hang a burned dead body on your wall?

Even though some people may think it’s a beautiful way of remembering your loved one, because you are literally and figurally in the presence of your loved one. I still think it’s kind of sinister to hang a corpse on your bedroom wall. I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night and realise that the funky smell isn’t my cigarette smoke, but my grandmother who’s hanging on my wall. Nope, no ashy portrait for me.

FYI for those who are interested, they also do pet portraits.


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